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                              Neutral Glass tubing

                                The optimal choice used for pharmaceutical glass containers must be neutral borosilicate glass tubes due to numerous advantages over other primary packaging materials available on the market. Four Star Glass was far ahead of his time in China when he introduced FS50 tubing in 2007 for pharmaceutical packaging. Since then, FS50 glass tubing has been improved year by year to approach premium quality glass of the first hydrolytic class. This unique product in China has outstanding chemical resistance, neutrality, and its exceptional strength as well as resistance to heat attack. Containers from FS50 glass tubes are geared to storing and delivering a wide range of injectable, as well as sensitive biotech drugs.Today, Four-star is still a leading company in the Chinese market for top-of-the-range pharmaceutical packaging glass tubing.

                                In case the specification of tubes required by a customer is unconventional, it is necessary to provide a drawing to check, if available we also acc PH.Eur., or USP to supply.


                             The Physic-chemical Properties of Four-star Glass tubes


                            Physic properties

                            Coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion

                            α (20℃; 300℃) acc. to ISO 7991

                            Transformation temperature Tg
                            515 ℃
                            Glass temperature at annealing point logη=13
                            535 ℃
                            Glass temperature at soft point logη=7.6
                            783 ℃
                            Glass temperature at working point logη=4
                            1020 ℃
                            Density ρ at 25℃ 
                            2.32 g/cm3


                            Chemial Properties

                            Hydrolytic Resistant Class

                            Acc. to ISO 719
                            HGB I
                            Acc. to USP 25
                            Type I
                            Acid Resistant Class
                            A I
                            Alkali Resistant Class
                            A 2
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