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                          1. 點擊這里給我發消息
                            Service call              
                            About us

                            Service call
                              Chairman of board

                                Mr. Huanyi Wang is the initiator of Cangzhou Four-star Glass Co., Ltd., the present chairman of board. He possesses rich experiences cover operation, management and researches of pharmaceutical package material, particularly devoted himself to the research of pharmaceutical glass. He build 2 glass companies, Cangzhou Four-star glass Co., Ltd. and Cangzhou Four-star Solar-heat Glass Co., Ltd.. It was him to develop the best energy-saving and environment-protecting production technology of Type I pharmaceutical neutral borosilicate glass tubes with 5.0 expansion coefficient, becoming an unique maker of 5.0 glass tubes in China.

                                Under the leadership of Mr. Huangyi Wang Four-star acquired a great achievement at products, innovation of technology and management by means of staff’s arduous efforts of more than 20years, which gained various honours, e.g. <State High-tech New Enterprise>, <Famous Brand> for Four-star brand, <The First Prize of 2015 pharmaceutical package new products and new technology> etc. .

                                Due to the a.m. great achievement Mr. Wang had been elected as a member of the standing commission of NPC in Cangzhou county and NPC member of Cangzhou City.

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                            Address :Zhifangtou Industry Park in Cangzhou county
                            Headquarter office:0317-4951188
                            Sales Dept:0317-4052788
                            Copy Right:    Cang Zhou Four-star Glass Co.,Ltd.