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                          1. 點擊這里給我發消息
                            Service call              
                            About us

                            Service call
                              Corporate Infomation

                            Company Name: Canzhou Four-star Glass Co., Ltd.

                            Private company founded: 1992

                            Main business activity: Production of Pharmaceutical glass tubes and containers

                            Corporate founded: July 21.2014
                            Incorporated state constitutions: National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance of PRC, Hebei Information Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

                            Representative: Mr. Wang Huanyi

                            Registered capital: CNY 101,680,000. (Approx. USD 15,024,000)

                            Occupied land: 133,200 M2

                            Construction areas: more than 50,000 M2, Plant 85,000 M2

                            Employee: 700

                            Listing on security market: June 2016

                            Location: Zhifangtou Industry Park in Cangzhou county

                            Highlights-Our R&D topics

                                We researched and developed the best energy-saving and environment-protecting technology in the world to produce Type I neutral borosilicate glass tubes, which is unique production technology in China to provide Type I neutral glass for pharmaceutical glass containers. We obtained national patent of invention and 2nd Science & Technology award of invention granted by the Ministry of Science & Technology. Our plan to build a production base for annually 100,000 tons of neutral borosilicate glass tubes are supported by National/province Development and Reform Commission.

                                Our company always looks up technology improvement, in fiscal 2015 increased technical R&D input, the capital of which got 7% of sales income for technical innovation. Four-star R&D resulted neutral borosilicate glass tubing (expansion coefficient: 5.0) with huge investment in 2006. We designed by ourselves the full process from raw material preparation to melting, tube-drawing, up to products packaging and loading into warehouse. We also imported the most advanced ampoule-making machines in the world from Europe to support our excellent products. In addition, our company has gotten 58 patents, 10 of which are invention patents. More16 patents are under application. We still enhance the management of know-how and technology updating to build our comprehensive competition.

                            Corporate Philosophy

                            -Basic conception is contribution to the development of pharmaceutical industry to guarantee the safety of people taking medicine

                            -Innovation is an engine of corporate

                            -Everything must be in on the practice base

                            -Always focus on products qualit

                            -Always highly take care of high efficiency

                            -Always unite all staff and workers together for same goal


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                               Contact us

                            Address :Zhifangtou Industry Park in Cangzhou county
                            Headquarter office:0317-4951188
                            Sales Dept:0317-4052788
                            Copy Right:    Cang Zhou Four-star Glass Co.,Ltd.